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What's This Page For?

This page allows customers and product evaluators to submit a first case to the Arkeia technical support team.

If you already opened a case and have username/password access, please go to the Arkeia Technical Support Ticket System page.

Customers on current support contracts are invited to use our Technical Support Portal which records both all user inquiries and responses from our technical support engineers.

Most support issues can be resolved with our wiki-based documentation or our Knowledge Base, both of which are updated continually. Only rarely do new issues appear.

In the case, you did not find the appropriate answer to your technical question, please fill out this form completely so we can direct your request to our most appropriate technical support engineer.

Contact details in bold are mandatory; while we ask for your phone number, most communication will transpire through the Ticket System’s web portal. Please pay special attention to your description of the problem. The greatest delay in resolving issues results from incomplete environment and usage descriptions. Provide as much relevant information as possible to accelerate our diagnosis process.

A corporate email address is required to access Arkeia support.