Arkeia Software

Support Products

Three Maintenance Levels are available for both WD Arkeia software and hardware products, as described below. Technical support is provided from two locations: our corporate headquarters in Irvine, California, USA, and our EMEAI headquarters in Paris, France.

Most technical support issues are resolved using our Technical Support Ticket System. This Web-based system allows us to direct your submittal to the right technical resource, ensures that no communication is ever misplaced, and allows us to track the promptness of our responses.

Some issues are best resolved with remote system intervention, via either SSH or screen sharing. Of course, Internet access (SSH or HTTP) from a machine with access to the backup servers is necessary to allow such intervention.

Maintenance Level Bronze Silver Gold
Support incidents per year Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Knowledge Base access Yes Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes Yes
Telephone support Yes Yes Yes
Remote intervention (SSH or screen-sharing) Yes
Support provided on these days Business Days1 Business1 365 days / year
Response time (hours) Business hours for all issues 8 4 1
Non-business hours for emergency restore 1
Designated contacts (named individuals) 1 2 5
Limited Hardware Warranty (year) included with purchase of WD Arkeia hardware (excludes software) 1 1 1
Hardware parts replacement (business days) 5 3 1
Software updates (including major new releases) Yes Yes Yes
Minimum annual support commitment $10,000
Price to pre-pay one additional year of maintenance (including cost of upgrade beyond Bronze Level)2 18% 30% 50%
Price to upgrade first year's Bronze Level to either Silver or Gold Levels based on list price2 11% 27%
1 "Business Days" means for (i) EMEAI, business days in France and (ii) everywhere but EMEAI, business days in California, USA.
2 Maintenance is priced as a percentage (shown in the table above) of the list price of the software or appliances to be supported.

Service contracts are available for 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-year periods. Service contracts are sold only bundled with product updates/upgrades (i.e. as maintenance contracts). Contact your sales rep for more details.