Arkeia Software

Why Upgrade?

Arkeia Software is committed to data protection using innovative cutting edge technology. As one of our 7,000 plus enterprise customers, there are many reasons to upgrade your existing installation to the latest version of Arkeia Network Backup.

We have worked to make this upgrade path extremely easy. If you are upgrading your backup server from a previous version, please follow the migration procedure for your environment.

Please, note that upgrading to the latest Arkeia Software release requires a new license key.

If you have a valid maintenance contract or subscription to the update program please fill out the registration form and check the "I have a valid maintenance contract” box. Our team will send your new license key as quickly as possible.

If you do not have a valid maintenance contract, you are not automatically entitled to new Arkeia Network Backup releases. To receive a personal upgrade offer with access to the latest version of Arkeia Network Backup, please fill in the registration form and check the "Interested in Maintenance contract" box.

Version 10.0 Key Features

  • Cloud "Seeding & Feeding": Export one or multiple backup sets on a physical support to a remote site
  • Replication Tunneling: Encrypted backup sets during the transmission between two backup servers
  • Source volume licensing : allow enforcement of software licenses based on volume of source data to be protected, rather that number of agents or volume of target storage
  • Cloud Recovery via portable disk: perform the feeding and seeding operation in reverse. Data are maintained in dedupe format when shipped on physical media back to LAN
See detailed information on the Arkeia Network Backup 10.0 page

Version 9.1 Key Features

  • Replication of deduped backup sets without rehydration for faster replication
  • Updated backup agent for virtualized environments: VMware vSphere 5 (with CBT via the vStorage APIs)
  • Improved web user interface ergonomics, including a new Web dashboard with backup status indicators
  • Appliance migration utility
See detailed information on the Arkeia Network Backup 9.1 page

Version 9.0 Key Features

  • Progressive deduplication that is
    • Block-grain (rather than file-grain)
    • In-line (rather than post-processed)
    • Source-side and mixed-configurations (rather than target-side)
    • Global (across any number of agents)
    • Content/application-aware (where block size is determined by file type)
  • Two-phase backups
  • AES-256 client-side encryption
  • Expanded platform support: Debian 6, Fedora 14, OpenBSD 4.8, RHEL 6, Ubuntu 10.10
See detailed information on the Arkeia Network Backup 9.0 page

Version 8.2 Key Features

New and updated hot backup agents for the following applications and databases:

  • VMware ESX and ESXi (based on the vStorage API)
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Novell Netware & OES2
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Novell eDirectory
See detailed information on the Arkeia Network Backup 8.2 page

Version 8.1 Key Features

  • Custom Restore Objects
  • Extensible Reporting
  • Expanded Platform Support

Version 8.0 Key Features

  • Virtualized Environment Support
    • Introduction of a virtual appliance for ESX and ESXi
    • Introduction of a VMware ESX Server agent
  • Enhanced Graphical User Interface
    • Backup Schedule Calendar introduction
    • Reorganization of the Menu for a better ergonomy
  • Client-server communication simplification with stronger security
  • Wiki-based technical documentation

Version 7 Key Features

  • Completely redesigned Web-based graphical user interface
  • Enhanced Backup-to-Disk (VTL)
  • Disaster Recovery for Windows
  • Distributed architecture that allows centralized management of multiple instances of backup servers

Version 6 Key Features

  • New 3-tier architecture
  • LAN-Free backup support and dynamic drive & library sharing on a SAN
  • Remote drive management
  • Integrated virtual tape library (VTL)
  • Introduction of a Windows Media Server (backup to disk, tape using Windows)
  • Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape backup option

Version 5 Key Features

  • Accelerated backup speeds, especially in conditions involving a high number of nested directories and/or incremental backups.
  • Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) support for MS-Windows 2003 servers snapshot backup
  • Support of Kernel 2.6 Linux distributions
  • Expanded backup reporting functions to provide customized reports and messages, deliverable to designated email addresses.
  • Backup of Linux ACLs.
  • Arkeia Windows clients can perform hot backup of registries, active directories, certificates and event logs.
  • Backup server catalog optimization with increased efficiency for the server saved object catalog, including on-the-fly update and the ability to purge old files.

Please note that Arkeia Software provides limited support to the oldest version of Arkeia Network Backup. Consult our EOL page for more information.