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Backup and Recovery Server - Deployed as a Hardware Appliance

Why Backup Appliances?

1. Installation & Deployment
All-in-one design offers true plug-and-play capabilities with bundled OS, application, storage, and licensing.

2. Maintenance & Support
WD provides full support for hardware and software components. Single-click firmware updates are performed via a web interface.

3. Security & Performance
Appliance comes firewalled with only the necessary ports opened and services running. Read more

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WD Arkeia backup appliances provide fast, easy-to-use, and affordable data protection for small- and medium-sized businesses. The backup appliance is a complete backup solution that delivers WD Arkeia™ network backup software, integrated RAID for disk backup, and connectivity for replication. It is ideal for offices without full-time IT resources, or for those that just wish to simplify deployment and management.

These fourth-generation appliances are bundled with the “Basic Bundle” of WD Arkeia v10.1 network backup software including:

  • One WD Arkeia network backup server with web-user and command-line interfaces
  • Unlimited numbers of file/folder backup agents on any of over 200 distinct platform types (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Netware, BSD, etc.)
  • Progressive Deduplication™, either source- or target-side
  • Tape library management software, including D2T and tape duplication

Six Backup Appliance Models to Choose From

Our desktop appliances offer raw disk capacities from 4 to 16 TB, configured in RAID-1. Our rack-mounted appliances offer raw disk capacities from 24 to 48 TB, configured in RAID-6. All are field-upgradeable in licensed disk capacity. Three appliances embed SSD for ultra-fast backup catalog access.

Arkeia Appliance Model DA1300 DA2300 RA4300 Series RA5300 RA6300
Disk Storage Capacity Drive bays 2 or 4 × 2 TB 2 or 4 × 4 TB 6 × 4 TB 12 × 3 TB 12 × 4 TB
Raw capacity 4 or 8 TB 8 or 16 TB 24 TB 36 TB 48 TB
Field upgradable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Useable after RAID 2 or 4 TB 4 or 8 TB 8 or 16 TB 15 or 30 TB 20 or 40 TB
Effective after dedupe 10 or 20 TB 20 or 40 TB 40 or 80 TB 75 or 150 TB 100 or 200 TB
Disk redundancy RAID-1 RAID-1 RAID-6 RAID-6 RAID-6
Disk type WD Red™ Hard Drives WD Se™
Hard Drives
WD Re™ Enterprise Hard Drives
Internal tape drive LTO5 Optional
Solid state drive (SSD) 128 GB 360 GB 480 GB
Progressive Deduplication™ Source-side Source-side & Target-side
Data / Control 2 × 1 Gb/s 2 × 1 Gb/s 2 × 1 Gb/s 4 × 1 Gb/s 4 × 1 Gb/s
IPMI Port Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
USB 2 × 3.0 2 × 3.0
4 × 3.0
2 × 2.0 4 × 2.0 4 × 2.0
SAS Included Included Included
Fibre channel
(8 Gb/s)
Optional Optional
Dual port
10 GB/s ethernet NIC
Optional Optional
Form factor Desktop Pedestal Desktop Pedestal 2U Rack-Mount 2U Rack-Mount 2U Rack-Mount
Weight 14.6 lb (6.6 kg) 15 lb (6.8 kg) 59 lb (26.8 kg) 77 lb (35 kg) 77 lb (35 kg)
Dimensions Depth 8.8 in (22.4 cm) 8.8 in (22.4 cm) 25.5 in (65 cm) 25.5 in (65 cm) 25.5 in (65 cm)
Width 6.3 in (16 cm) 6.3 in (16 cm) 17 in (44 cm) 17 in (44 cm) 17 in (44 cm)
Height 8.1 in (20.6 cm) 8.1 in (20.6 cm) 3.5 in (9 cm) 3.5 in (9 cm) 3.5 in (9 cm)
Capacity 90 W 150 W 650 W 920 W 920 W
Configuration Dual/
Single Dual/
Type External External Internal Internal Internal
Auto-sensing voltages 100-240 V 100-240 V 115-230 V 115-230 V 115-230 V

Choosing an all-in-one backup appliance simplifies installation, configuration and management of backup server software. WD engineers have tuned the combination of hardware and software to deliver maximum performance and reliability. The backup-optimized operating system runs only the necessary services, ensuring the highest level of performance and security.

The backup appliance works seamlessly with all WD Arkeia network backup components, including all database, application, and directory server agents, bare-metal disaster recovery, and backup replication to remote backup server or public/private clouds. By combining the WD Arkeia network backup software suite with a purpose-built backup appliance, Arkeia provides a fully scalable solution that is ideal for small or mid-sized environments with minimal IT staff.

"The Arkeia appliance delivers a smart D2D2T solution that is easy to deploy, and offers an impressive selection of backup and restoration features. Its extensive client support makes it well suited to a range of environments and it is offered at a competitive restoration doesn't get any easier"

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vmOneStep Appliances

All WD Arkeia appliances embed the WD Arkeia vStorage Backup Agent for protection of VMware ESX and ESXi environments. The appliances embed VMware's Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK) libraries, licensed from VMware. Without any further software installation, you can include the backup of VMware hypervisors in your backup strategy managed by a WD Arkeia appliance.

Deduplication-Ready Appliances

All appliances models bundle a license for Progressive Deduplication™ software which supports both source- and target-side deduplication. WD Arkeia's deduplication is truly global: it deduplicates data blocks across different servers, virtual machines, and hypervisors, reducing your backup storage volumes and accelerating backup and replication.

Disaster Recovery Appliances

WD Arkeia appliances feature pxe, dhcp, and tftp servers automating the netboot of a server for automated system recovery; the target computer will boot on the appropriate Disaster Recovery ISO and starts the full bare-metal restore at the required Point-In-Time-recovery (PITR), based on the backups of the machine.

Backup Appliances for Remote Offices

Backup appliances are ideal for remote/branch offices that have limited on-site IT support. The growth of multi-site, distributed data within an enterprise calls for a remote office backup solution that not only protects data, but ensures overall business continuity. Enterprises with remote or branch offices (ROBO) require speedy recoveries, centralized management, and ease-of-use all at manageable costs. Read more.

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