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Benchmarking of Deduplication

Benchmarks of deduplication systems can take several forms. Absolute benchmarks that show compression multipliers or processing rates for a single solution are generally useless. They are useless because results depend entirely on the data used in the test. Deduplicating a folder with 120 copies of the same file will almost certainly deliver compression ratios in excess of 100-to-1. Need a higher compression ratio? Start with more copies.

The same is largely true of ingestion rates. If multiple files composed of identical blocks are deduplicated, ingestion rates will generally be limited by network bandwidth. In this case, a faster network will deliver greater throughput.

What counts most are comparative benchmarks (one solution against another) on your own data. Because only you have your own data, the next best alternative are comparative benchmarks on "real" data. On this page, we present benchmark results for various backup solutions as we gain access to benchmark results. Some benchmarks we have performed ourselves. In other cases we have relied on third-parties to furnish benchmarks on prescribed data, processed by a defined test plan.

Benchmarks comparing Arkeia v9.0 to Symantec Backup Exec 2010

Symantec Backup Exec 2010

Symantec obtained Backup Exec with the acquisition of VERITAS in 2005. Earlier, VERITAS acquired Backup Exec from Seagate Software in 1999. Symantec obtained PureDisk technology with the acquisition of Data Center Technologies, also in 2005. Symantec assembled these products in Backup Exec 2010, though deduplication is only available on Windows platforms.

The chart to the right compares space savings between Backup Exec 2010 (with PureDisk technology) and Arkeia Network Backup v9.0, both on Windows platforms. The data used for the comparison were 1.7GB of Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word®, and Excel® documents. These documents were collected from a single user's personal computer.

These results show that Arkeia will achieve a 2.12 compression ratio while Backup Exec 2010 will achieve a 1.37 compression ratio--delivering twice the space savings. While these compression rates will improve for both products as the size of the backup repository grows, the relative space savings (2-to-1) will likely remain constant. Arkeia invites you to compare these two products with your own data. Click here to download a free 30-day trial version of Arkeia Network Backup.